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2019 Pantone Color of the Year

This year’s chosen color by the Pantone Color Matching System is Coral. This system which has been in place since 1963 is nothing less than the most important system in the whole world when it comes to hues and color palettes. Why are these palettes important? Because they help maintain the harmony of anything that involves the use of color; whether it’s a publicity of the print industry or web, a flower arrangement, the decoration of a room, or the cloth we put on every morning, matching colors is important.

Some time after the creation of the system, since the year 2000 Pantone started selecting a color yearly with the purpose of setting a trend. Since ancient times trends have always existed and even though there are many people that don’t like them or don’t follow them because they associate it with doing what the wrest does or a lack of individuality there is a deep purpose to this. Trends or fashion help organize or group society’s ideas and therefore promote creativity and creative thinking. This is because through organization and the grouping of similarities, an effective creative process takes place and the best ideas are born.

With that said, in Florpaxi we love the organization of creativity and innovation and would love to share with you a mood board we made, featuring Pantone’s color of the year, Coral which you can find within our varieties Amsterdam and of course the Coral Reef. As you can see in the color palette above, there are different tones within the same color that work harmoniously in a monochromatic mélange.  It can’t be denied that when they are put together the result is rather pleasing to the eye.  

We hope this mood board gets the creative juices flowing; and if you are a professional in flower arrangements or simply someone that enjoys this form of art as a hobby, we would love it if you share your floral creations with us.