A New Year Ahead

The rose industry is very dynamic, evolving, and quite dependent on the external environment. This is not to be confused with the actual weather which in any case is also a big factor that affects the farms and rose producers. Because of the privileged geographical location, the climate found in certain areas of Ecuador is one of the reasons the Ecuadorian rose is renown around the globe as the best. Nonetheless, the weather can make or break you; too much rain or too much sun affects the production, but this is where the strategy of our team comes into place to ensure our clients have the best product year-round. This past year the summer in Ecuador was quite long with some days in which the weather variated and became very cold; of course, this affected the production in some level.
However, the farm is just a part of the whole industry where you also have the wholesaler, distributor, florists, event planner etc. Factors that affect these other levels up the chain of supply are more market related where macroeconomics and international finance play a big role. The fluctuation of the exchange rate between the currencies of countries that do business together can potentially affect the demand of the rose from part of the importing country. This can sometimes work favorably for us exporters.
Looking back into 2018 there were ups and downs for everyone that is part of the industry as is normal of any year and just life in general. But that is what the new year is about, reflecting and learning from the past and preparing for a better and more successful future.
Some of the highlights for the Florpaxi family this year are the following. We remember with joy the Flowers Expo Russia where our Paloma variety was awarded Best Quality Product and our Lola variety Novelty of the Year. We also experienced great growth in many aspects of our company, and this would not have been possible without the very hard work of all our team. For example, we expanded our production area and we increased our presence in important international markets. Our brand’s image also faced some changes, and it became more modern as well as environmentally friendly. Also, our box size was optimized so we better serve our customers.
Now that the year 2019 is ahead of us, with a favorable external environment, the hard work of our Florpaxi family, innovation, and the introduction of our new products such us our beautiful sunflowers, we have great expectations for the new year. Wishing all of you a prosperous year ahead and the best of luck in all your endeavors.