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Beyond Nature The World of Crafted Roses

Within the natural world of roses, you can find a vast amount of varieties to satisfy all tastes in color, head size, petal shape, length of stem etc. Through advanced scientific techniques of breeding; a mother and a father’s traits can be combined to come up with a whole new variety of rose that exhibits certain traits or desirable qualities. Nonetheless, doing this is not as simple as it seems. The process of creating a new variety for the market is quite complicated and lengthy. The time and monetary investment needed is significant and the process can take up to 10 years or more. So, imagine the misfortune if after this time the results are not favorable. Also, it is important to keep in mind that even if you obtained the traits you wanted from the parent flower such as a certain color, the resulting rose can have some unintended weakness or undesirable trait, hence be unfit for the market. Even so, it is the breeder’s hard work that has allowed us rose lovers have so many options to delight our eyes with their beauty.

The magic does not stop here, humans love creativity and exploring new possibilities. Therefore, even though many natural varieties are found in the market, crafted roses are quite popular everywhere in the world. Did you know Florpaxi is a pioneer in making and selling crafted roses here in Ecuador? Florpaxi Group makes beautiful creations in both farms Agrivaldani, and Flores del Cotopaxi. Their talented employees can make basically any creation a client has in mind such as a black rose with a few golden petals or multicolor rainbow roses.  The two techniques used to paint the roses are absorption and aspersion; some creations require a combination of both these techniques. Through crafted roses, one can have various themed collections such as our previous Thanksgiving and Halloween collections and our upcoming Christmas and New Year’s combinations. Beautiful combinations such as metallic green and red evoke the Christmas spirit quite well. Pretty impressive right? And we all used to think that “painting” a rose was a thing of fantastic movies such as Alice and Wonderland. Through Florpaxi having this type of rose is a wonderful reality.