Follow the steps below to better preserve the roses in the vase

01. Upon receipt of the rose, make a diagonal cut 2 cm (1 inch) across all stems.

02. Remove the leaves from the stem to the height of your vase and proceed to place the rose in the vase. The foliage should never make contact with the water , nor shall they be inside the vase.

03. The water level in the vase should be between 6-12 cm , depending on the size of the vase.

04. Do not place roses in a place with too much light, it is preferable to place them in a cool atmosphere with plenty of shade.


05. Passing one day, cut 1 cm across all stems, and every 2 or 3 days change the water in the vase.

06. Increase the water level depending on the flower consumption, or completely change it; keep the suggested level.