Getting ready for Christmas

Since ancient times, Christmas has evolved and somewhat changed or adapted to the different time periods. Nonetheless, this holiday has been in place worldwide for two millennia. Of course, not everyone celebrates this holiday, but it is true that amongst those who do, one can find a vast spectrum of cultures, nationalities, and demographics. This holiday is originally and mainly of religious purpose but as time has passed it has become somewhat cultural and commercial as well. In Christianity, the holiday is in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. Modern customs involve acts like decorating a Christmas tree and having Christmas theme home décor, as well as gift giving and traditional Christmas foods for a shared family meal.

Some interesting facts about Christmas are that even though traditionally this holiday is believed to have been born with the arrival of Jesus in ancient times people from Europe had a celebration in honor of life and birth during the winter. As for the traditions of more recent times, there is nothing that says “Christmas” more than Christmas trees and 30-35 million natural trees are sold in the United States. Flowers are a wonderful addition to the beauty of this holiday, and they have come to be of great importance. In a time of joy and celebration to life as well as to birth which or some of the prominent themes of the season. There is nothing better than having a live piece of nature within one’s household and among the rest of the Christmas decorations to create the most festive ambiance possible.  Having a rose bouquet in one’s home or workspace can be understood under the same logic of those that prefer natural pine Christmas trees instead of a reusable tree. It has been proven that plants and flowers have the power to relieve stress and generate positive feelings in a person’s day to day life.

At Florpaxi we have gone through many Holidays together with our clients. We have learned what tendencies are the ones that warm your hearts the most. There are different varieties that fit the holidays and make your homes look beautiful, we take certain precautions to have all your favorite colors available. Also, we make a yearly Crafted Rose Xmas Collection where we innovate and make creations that will make your holidays experience with us more complete and undeniably perfect.