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Ecuadorian Roses in China

Florpaxi Group is present in the Chinese market

It is undeniable that one of the most beautiful products we export from Ecuador are our roses, which include award winning varieties that are highly positioned in markets worldwide. The Ecuadorian premium rose forms part of the Chinese market for some years now. Every passing year we see a 10% – 20% demand growth, surpassing most of our competitors.

Annually China experiences a downgrade in their local rose production due to the weather conditions of the area. The Chinese rose is characterized by traditional colors, a small button, and low quality. All these factors result in a surplus of demand in relation to the available supply. Therefore, China imports more roses every year to fulfill this demand.

The Ecuadorian rose has many strengths that are highly valued in the Chinese market. Hence, we have steady annual growth as opposed to our competitors. Apart from the fact that our rose is of the highest quality in the market, the Chinese consumer is fascinated by all the colors and varieties, especially our bicolor, tinted and crafted roses. This is an excellent market penetration strategy for positioning the Ecuadorian rose; constantly innovating and bringing new, trendsetting colors.

Florpaxi Group has been in the Chinese market for about five years with representatives located in Shanghai. The source of great success for our roses has been observing trends and new products to introduce.  Florpaxi always aims to grow in all of the markets it is positioned in, helping to keep the Ecuadorian rose in the highest of names.