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Roses more than just household décor – Surprising Facts about your favorite flower!

We know already that a rose is the preferred flower of many to express feelings of love, gratitude, and appreciation. Hence, a husband offers roses to his wife, or a daughter buys her mom flower’s on mother days to express deep sentiments. We can all picture these scenarios either by recalling events of our lives or by a movie we saw or book we read. Since we are kids, we are born with a certain rose culture embedded within us and this is something extraordinary for it can’t be denied roses bring beauty light and life into our lives. This is also why some people choose them simply for decoration purposes of one’s home; a special occasion is not always necessary. The ancient Romans would decorate their homes with roses; this is quite a long tradition. All these rose facts come to one’s mind pretty effortless when discussing a rose however there are other uses for this flower which might surprise you, amuse you or simply inform you if you weren’t aware of them yet.

We start with basic interesting facts regarding the agronomy of the flower, for example, the largest rose bush grew to be 7 meters tall, a tower above us. The largest rose to make record measured to be 33 inches in diameter, this is somewhat of a monster rose. Also, there exist over 100 varieties that can be found in the market, the vast amount of hues allows fulfilling multiple taste and preferences. However, within these varieties, one cannot find a purely black rose. There exist very dark red roses that may appear blackish but the black color itself does not exist naturally. Fortunately, if you are fond of black roses, these can be crafted through techniques of absorption and spray. Be sure to check out our black rose! Another interesting fact concerning size is that the smallest rosebuds are the size of a grain of rice. The costliest rose variety is called Juliet and its breeder took 15 years with its creation.

Some alternative uses of roses are the fact that they are edible and a great source of Vitamin C. There are many rose flavored creations such as rose macaroons, but one can also eat the actual petals of the flower in certain dish preparations and these are quite tasty. A not well-known fact is the existence of a fruit called Rose Hip that grows from a rose and has the appearance of a red, black or dark purple berry. It’s this fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C and can be used in the elaboration of jams as well as medicine. Finally, the rose is one out of three flowers that appear in the Bible along with lilies and campfire.