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What Valentines means for Florpaxi Group

Picture this, you walk into a flower shop and decided to purchase a beautiful bouquet for your significant other or anyone that you care about. It is Valentine’s day and the sentiment to express your love and affection to those important in your life takes a special tone of red. You breathe in that scent of fresh roses, and that triggers so many emotions inside your brain. The rest of the evening is up to you, but you already have the perfect gift. Valentine’s day is a global date and so many other people have decided to make the same purchase, but do you know everything that happens in order to have that bouquet in your hands?

Valentines Mode, that’s what we in the industry call it. It’s a mindset we get into months prior to February to have everything ready. Days are longer and our coordination must be on point. It all begins in the farms, months before the date when we do the pinch. The pinch is how we can time the exact moment we need the roses to be ready, for example, if a red rose takes 3 months to be ready and collected, you would pinch 3 months before Valentines. This helps us make sure we have enough roses by that date to supply the highly increased demand for our clients.

Now that we have controlled our production and made sure we can supply it is time to get some extra help. We almost double our staff at the farms to work on our post-harvest center, classifying and packing up our bunches to be ready for shipping. It’s a day’s work and even night! but we manage because this is what we do best. Now we are packed up and ready to ship, but where do they go?

It’s all in the hands of our fantastic sales team, they move all these flowers making it seem so simple, but it’s not! They close deals months before, have meetings, plan strategies and more importantly have persistence. Our clients are so important to us and sales make sure their orders get fulfilled and that everyone is happy.

This was a small portion of the whole process required to be ready for Valentines. This is what it takes for you to have that beautiful bouquet of roses in your hand, in any part of the world. Valentines mode is how it all comes together, from us to you. For you to have the most beautiful roses in the world, for the most important people in your life.